Whats That Scent?

It’s 3:00 AM, and Lone Tree’s assistant manager Vicki is cautiously taking fresh baked cookies out of the oven for our guests to pack into their lunches for the day.  She offers some warm cookies to a passerby, and his mouth starts to water as the scent of vanilla brings feelings of nostalgia and comfort to an otherwise busy day.

What is it about that scent?  Why can a brief encounter with vanilla start to promote calmness and tranquility?

In a study by Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City in the early 90s, patients reported 63 percent less overall anxiety when undergoing MRI scans when the scent of vanilla was present in the room.

From ancient times up to today, the most important use of scented oils and fragrances was there sedative effect on the nervous system.  Researchers discovered that when a person is allowed to smell calming scents, the brain waves relax.

It’s not by coincidence that all the baking is done in the morning when our guests are getting ready to leave for a long work day.  Lone Tree takes great care in making sure the scents that our guests smell throughout their stay are both inviting, as well as timely.

The smell of clean sheets, for instance, induce a longer period of deep sleep-the most restful and restorative phase in our sleep cycle. The lemon scent from our cleaning supplies is meant to invigorate our guests and give mental stimulation. Need a pick-me-up?  Just try walking by our salad bar and sniff those fresh cut oranges and citrus fruits. The camomile scent from our complimentary tea bar will surely help with any guests plagued with insomnia….Lone Tree has thought of everything!

While future implementation of scents in to our facilities are in the works, we believe that our guests will notice the effect our facility has on them and their mood merely by the smell they take in.

Entering into Lone Tree’s doors, they smell more than just a state of the art facility…they smell “welcome home”.

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