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By Heather Reid | Lone Tree USA

According to The Harvard Health Watch, a recent study showed the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving. That means, in a lifetime, the average Joe spends a whopping 37,935 hours driving a car.  Now can you imagine increasing that daily drive time by 4 to 5 hours!  That is what some men face when working on projects where housing is scarce or unavailable. Hungry, drowsy, and worn out employees have no business driving long hours on the roads.

Building a man camp closer to the job site, facilitates reduced drive time and increased safety for both camp occupants and other drivers.  How much time saved depends on the individual project. With that being said, let’s figure out just what can be done with all those hours saved!

Let’s be conservative and say that without a man camp, most workers would have to travel 3.5 hours to a job site and 3.5 hours home every day. That is 6 hours a day, 7 days a week, totaling a whopping 42 hours per week.  That is enough time to read the entire Lord of the Rings series…twice!

It’s also enough time to:

  • Run 9 marathons
  • Watch all the James Bond films (from Dr. No to Skyfall)
  • Build a canoe
  • Swim the English Channel…and back!
  • Produce a 90 second Super bowl commercial
  • Or…read the Senate Health Care Bill (the most exciting)

Do you see where I’m going with this?  Time can be much better spent than driving on the highways.  Building workforce housing closer to the job site is a smart option.

Not only does a man camp save considerable commute time, but meal prep time as well.  The average adult male spends a little over 3 hours a week just preparing his food.  And let’s be honest… the result isn’t very nutritious or fancy (unless you consider chicken wings and mini pizzas healthy).  Man camp operators like Lone Tree, on the other hand, provide full course meals, three times a day.  Items such as fresh grilled steaks, baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, and full service salad bars, are a hit. Menu packages include  “Heart Smart” options, multi-course dinner/lunch menus, and flexible serving hours.  With pre-packaged lunches for jobsite takeout, man camps provide it all…and give you back well over three hours , not to mention six hours drive time, to spend however you like.

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