The Lodge at Pine Valley


A One of a Kind Lodge…

The Lodge at Pine Valley isn’t just your typical man camp or workforce housing project. This is a one of a kind, luxury workforce home away from home! The level of quality, amenities, food, and service are simply unheard of in such a remote wilderness location. Nestled in a valley 2 hours outside of Elko, Nevada, the Lodge at Pine Valley is the temporary home for hundreds of men and women who are working on the Barrick Goldrush Exploration project. The distance of the project from Elko is what created the need for this new state of the art facility.

Built to Save Lives & Manage Fatigue…

The Lodge at Pine Valley really came about out of a need to help with fatigue management.  Because of the distance from Elko, workers were having to commute 2 hours each way every day. A drilling shift is 12 hours, so by the time workers would arrive home they would only have about 8 hours to eat, sleep, relax, and see their families. Those eight hours should be for sleep only.

In a two-year period there were 7 accidents from workers falling asleep on the highway, some of them being very serious. This created a huge safety issue as well as a real burden on the employees working at the project. Employees are now transported to the closed campus and then taken to and from the drill sites which are near the facility. This arrangement will take about 90 vehicles off State Route 278 each day, and allow employees to have the time they need to unwind and relax after their shifts.

The Best Amenities In the Middle of Nowhere

This focus of the Lodge at Pine Valley is on people. We know that employees coming back from long, exhausting shifts want to have a comfortable place where they can relax, unwind, and decompress. With this in mind, we set out to provide an impressive array of amenities and comforts to achieve this goal. From gourmet food, to video games, we help our guests destress and unwind after those long days. See our growing list of amenities:

    • Camp-Wide WiFi
    • Public Computers with Skype + Webcams
    • Free Laundry Facilities in Every Dormitory
    • Daily Room Cleaning
    • Private Bathrooms
    • 24/7 Dining Hall
    • Full Service Bar
    • Billiards
    • Foosball
    • Lounges in Each Dormitory
    • XBox & Playstation Consoles in Dorm Lounges
    • Library with Lounge
    • Made to Order Food
    • Fitness Center / Weight Room
    • Plush Leather Sofas and Chairs
    • Fridge for Each Guest
    • Armoire and Drawers for Each Guest
    • Blackout Blinds in Each Room
    • Basketball Court
    • Horseshoe Courts
    • Soccer / Rec Field

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