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    We know the importance of having a fully functioning, reliable facility. Our typical utility package features water, power, and septic / wastewater. Beyond these options, Lone Tree provides our guests with fast internet and dependable cell phone service, allowing them to feel at home, at ease, and connected to the world.

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Remote challenges with utilities

More times than not, we get requests to build man camps in remote locations. This presents unique challenges in providing utilities. Rarely are systems like high line power, culinary water, or city sewer systems available. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Often we find ourselves drilling test holes to determine best locations for water wells, storage tanks, etc. Or, in the case of sewer we have to test the percolation rates of the native soil to determine whether an underground leach field, mobile treatment plant, or evaporation pond is better suited for the project. Finally, we often run our own power, overhead or underground, while utilizing generators on the front end to service electricity needs on a temporary basis.

These processes take time and cooperation from local and state governments, permitting entities, and you, the client. But they are important to review from the beginning of the project because these costs can equal 15-20% of the costs of the project. However, if done right, they will be an asset to the infrastructure of the local community for years to come. We have learned a lot along the way and would love to share with you the tricks of the trade to avoid pitfalls in putting in utilities and then incorporating them into the camp project.

Part of the process in designing the utilities is determining exact connection points and capacities before the project has even begun. In doing this pre-planning we have realized that costly rework can be avoided. Imaging, mapping out, and designing, as much as possible, what these systems will look like before installation, saves time and resources.

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  • Power

    Reliable power is crucial to remote sites. Your employees expect it, and we are happy to accommodate. We will determine the proper power source, handle all the permits associated, and oversee connectivity. We also provide a back-up generator as a secondary power source if a need should ever arise.

  • Water

    We help our clients in determining the best water source (municipal lines, wells, natural springs, etc.) to provide for their facility needs. We secure all necessary permits, engineer connections, and manage installation. For continual security, Lone Tree monitors water quality and maintains piping systems to avoid complications associated with freezing, etc. Our systems help to conserve water, reducing cost for clients and generating the least impact on the environment.

    Having enough water capacity to ensure proper water storage to combat or fight fires is also something we would look at together. Certain jurisdictions have different requirements for which we’d develop a good plan.

  • Wastewater Management

    For wastewater and septic needs, Lone Tree provides several options including the use of existing sewer lines, septic tanks, leach fields, mobile sewer treatment plants, or manual removal from site. We also continue to monitor and maintain the lines to prevent unnecessary worries. We have even found cases where it is advantageous to the local area to re-infuse waste water into local irrigation systems to help the community and prevent expensive removal methods. There are options. We look forward to the challenges your project may present.

  • Communications

    Guest satisfaction is greatly affected by communication options. Lone Tree provides fast internet and reliable cellular service to ensure that your employees stay connected. Lone Tree strictly enforces proper use of internet at all times to protect both our guests and our clients. We are prepared to discuss several options to fit your needs best.
    By offering these services we benefit our clients by keeping their camps connected and powered while minimizing the impact on the environment.