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    Oil Field Housing is a niche industry with unique challenges. Our clients appreciate clean quarters, quick setup, customization, and flexibility at an affordable rate. Whether your man camp requires housing for fifty or 1,000+ men, your company can rely on us to listen to your needs and develop a customized solution specifically for you. We have an extensive and successful history in oil field housing, which allows us a confidence in our abilities to fulfill exactly the needs of you and your employees.

  • I’m really grateful to stay at the Lone Tree camp. In other locations I’ve been assigned we have to eat on the run and out of the can! I look forward to coming to work when I’m in this facility.

    Samuel ReidCamp Guest

Some of Our Happy Clients Include:

Schlumberger GE Oil & Gas Sanjel Geo Kinetics Williams Barrick U.S. Department of Defense M Group Alexander WF LLC

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    We’ve found that 83% of oil field housing needs are an after-thought. This results in higher costs and lower quality for you as the customer. At Lone Tree we help you avoid those pitfalls. With better rested and well fed employees your project will be successful.

Areas of Oil Field Activity

Oil field drilling activity across the North American continent is taking place in several regions:

  • Bakken Shale Play: North Dakota and Montana
  • Niobrara Shale Play: Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska
  • Unitah Basin Shale Play: Utah and Colorado
  • Anadarko Basin: Oklahoma
  • Permian Basin: West Texas
  • Eagle Ford: South Western Texas
  • Marcellus Shale Play: Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, and Ohio
  • Multiple sites in Canada
  • North Slope: Alaska

Lone Tree has the capabilities to provide housing and services in any of these areas.

The Housing Cycle in the Oil Fields

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In our experience we have found that the Oil Fields generally go through a housing cycle. As an area begins to show promise of extensive oil reserves the first influx of workers are the Exploration teams. We classify this as the Exploration Stage. These companies come in and conduct seismic readings and surveys to determine where and how much reserves are present in any given area.  In this phase many of the hotel rooms begin to fill up and home rentals become scarce. Some RV’s also begin coming to town.

The next stage, which is typically responsible for the largest population increase, is the Infrastructure stage.  This is when the production companies begin drilling, fracking, and putting in well heads. Evidences of boom towns make themselves known in this phase. Growing pains are felt as service providers and oil field workers flock to the many jobs this phase creates.  This is the phase that creates massive shortages in housing. RV parks fill up overnight, which eventually give way to random trailer camps and eventually full scale man camps. Housing is scarce and real estate/housing prices are high. Finally, as this phase reaches maturity, apartment buildings, condos, and new hotels begin to be built in mass quantities. Ultimately single family homes are built and sold in mass quantities as well.

After 3-5 years of mass construction the oil field, previous boom towns will settle into the final stage: the production stage. This is the phase that services the existing wells and maintains what has been built. The masses thin out and family homes catch up to the demand. Housing begins to become more traditional in nature and prices level off.

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