Modular Housing

  • Comfortable Camp Accommodations

    Enjoy the benefits of industrial strength housing, lower energy costs, and the comforts of home with our modular housing solutions. For long-term developments, these economy-of-scale facilities are built to need and are completely customizable for all your project’s unique requirements. Large or small, the modular housing option allows your employees to feel right at home with temperature control thermostats, spacious living areas, large storage closets, soft mattresses, and a television per room. Employees will be rested, content, and ready to perform their best. The various advantages of modular housing will guarantee your employees are well taken care of.

  • This is just like a hotel only better food and better service.

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Benefits of Modular Workforce Housing

Using Lone Tree ensures you get exactly what your employees need to get your project done quickly and efficiently. What you want, when you need it, that’s Lone Tree.

    • Low Maintenance
    • Durable
    • Easy to Construct
    • Styles: A variety of finishes and colors to choose from.
    • Customizations: Tailor your project to meet your needs and budget.
    • Peace of Mind: Protect your investment & employees with fire supression.
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Custom Floorplans to Meet Your Needs

Whether you need accommodations to relax, sleep, manage, store, wash, or cook, we’ve got you covered. You can expect only the highest level of quality and functionality in every modular housing unit we build.

Designs for Every Situation, Including:

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Multiple Bathroom Layouts Office Units Storage Space Theatre Rooms Sleeping Quarters: Private or Shared Spacious Dining Halls Recreation Buildings Kitchen Facilities Locker Rooms Gym and Fitness

  • Turnkey Modular Workforce Housing Solutions

  • Turnkey Modular Workforce Housing Solutions

    When buying a business or building a home, turnkey typically refers to all components present from start to finish. Our turnkey package follows a similar format. It includes everything you need to engineer/design, build, and service a man camp in one package. Such as the diagram below.

    When purchasing a turnkey package our clients get the full effect of our products, services, and experience. The benefit to our clients is a finished product, built with expertise, that allows them get their project done more quickly and economically. We focus on the housing and services so that you can focus on your business.

  • Process Step 1 - Engineering and Design

  • Process Step 2 - Permitting

  • Process Step 3 - Buildings

  • Process Step 4 - Site Prep

  • Process Step 5 - Construction

  • Process Step 6 - Services

Vendor Relations

Some of the vendors we have either partnered with, looked at, sought expertise from, or have requested bids from include:

  • Champion Homes
  • Guerdon Homes
  • Icon Homes
  • Greenstar
  • Shelter Modular
  • ESB Modular
  • Dura Villa
  • Palomar

We don’t build our modular units in house. We have found that others have decades of experience in the industry. This is a benefit we can take advantage of. We use some of the most proficient camp building manufacturers in the modular industry. When looking for manufacturers we look first at the cultures they promote within their own companies. If their values mimic those of Lone Tree, which include hard work, supporting local economies, custom quality, safety for employees and guests, innovation, honesty, transparency, and fair pricing we view them as integral partners to our success. We foster working relationships with our manufacturers so the customer gets exactly what they want in a timely fashion.

Our modular vendors typically understand the unique needs of the remote housing industry and have significant experience in that sector. This includes working through unique challenges in local utility arrangements, shipping, and installation in unique climates. We work best with partners that proactively access certain challenges of the project, come up with solutions, and then justify why certain solutions were chosen. It is important to us that our vendor partners make knowledge-based decisions in a quick manner. In our industry it’s about being nimble and efficient.