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    Do you have a short term but large project coming up?
    Maybe the project requires moving your employee’s housing around periodically?

    This is necessary for many industries including mining and pipeline construction. Our mobile man camp housing option is designed for clients on the move and who need comfortable/durable housing accommodations. The nature of many industries, pipeline and mining included, often requires companies to move employees in an effort to follow the work. These conditions make it difficult for employees to adapt and feel comfortable while in their off-time. Mobile housing allows them to take their accommodations with them, permitting employees as much rest and relaxation time as possible. Our trailers also have quick permitting and stand-alone utility options. The stand-alone mobile model requires no utility connections whatsoever. It is an entirely unique mobile options. The mobile trailer is a valuable short-term or quickly approaching project option as well.

  • There’s a huge discrepancy in the camps I visit. The range in quality is astounding. Lone Tree ranks at the top. The staff is extremely attentive and the rooms very comfortable.

    Steve RamseyConsultant
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Mobile Man Camp Housing Features

Experience the benefits of mobile workforce housing. They’re a hit! With quick delivery, easy setup, energy efficiency and low maintenance, you can’t go wrong. Your employees will be comfortable and productive so you can get your project done on time and on budget.

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    • Solid Core Walls
    • Porcelain Bathroom Fixtures
    • Retracting Steps
    • Easy Access Skylights
    • On-Demand Heating / Water
    • Leather Couches
    • Onboard Audio / TV System
    • Large Capacity Tanks
    • Onboard Industrial Strength Generator

Summer or Winter… Lone Tree Mobile Housing Delivers!


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Custom Mobile Housing Designs for Any Situation

Whether you need temporary accommodations to relax, sleep, manage, store, wash, or cook on the go, we’ve got you covered. Custom Temporary Mobile Man Camp Housing Designs for Every Situation!

Designs for Every Situation, Including:

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Housing Trailers Kitchen Trailers Office Trailers Dining Trailers Shower Trailers Bedroom Trailers Rec Room Trailers Storage Trailers Workout Trailers Full Service Trailers

  • Turnkey Modular Workforce Housing Solutions

  • Turnkey Mobile Housing Solutions

    When buying a business or building a home, turnkey typically refers to all components present from start to finish. Our turnkey package follows a similar format. It includes everything you need to engineer/design, build, and service a man camp in one package. Such as the diagram below.

    When purchasing a turnkey mobile man camp housing package our clients get the full effect of our products, services, and experience. The benefit to our clients is a finished product, built with expertise, that allows them get their project done more quickly and economically. We focus on the housing and services so that you can focus on your business.

  • Process Step 1 - Engineering and Design

  • Process Step 2 - Permitting

  • Process Step 3 - Buildings

  • Process Step 4 - Site Prep

  • Process Step 5 - Construction

  • Process Step 6 - Services