Remote Workforce Housing

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Addressing the Remote Workforce Housing needs of any temporary facility is a customized experience. Some geographic locations require accommodations that can withstand subzero temperatures, ice, snow, and driving winds. Other projects require housing resistant to excessive heat, humidity, marsh like conditions, pests, and rain. Whatever your project requires, we can provide or find the right solution. The important thing is that your housing is conducive to the climate, space available, local permitting, foundation, and comfort requirements you request. There a many options available, we will work with you to determine the best approach.

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    1. No frozen pipes
    2. No clogged toilets
    3. No backed up drains
    4. No empty soap containers
    5. No dirty A/C filters
    6. No damaged locks
    7. No muddy doormats
    8. No standing puddles
    9. No burned out bulbs
    10. No broken washer/dryer

Choosing a Man Camp

Because man camps, temporary housing, remote housing, remote hotels, workforce housing, employee housing, RV housing, modular housing, mobile housing or whatever you label it has unique characteristics, we approach each project in a custom way. The most important thing is that the housing identified meets the needs of the client. It is not in anyone’s best interest to offer an assembly line solution “off the shelf” that will require significant setbacks in the future.

When first approaching a housing project you can expect certain things:

  • We listen.
  • We ask questions.
  • We provide valuable feedback.
  • We design.
  • We engineer.
  • We build.
  • We ship.
  • We install.
  • We service.

Needs we have come across pertaining to remote workforce housing are many. Here are a few requirements we have heard from clients in the past: quick set up, budget friendly, reusable, environmentally friendly, easy to ship, mobile throughout the project, self-sufficient, energy efficient, private, comfortable, and innovative. Regardless of your needs, we strive to make sure that the housing for your project is high quality, well secured, and fitting to the requirements.

Industries We Serve

Housing is a critical component of the success of any oil, gas, mining, government, hydro plant, pipeline, highway construction, fracking, trucking, highway, military, or construction project. Picking a competent provider is important when you consider all the factors involved in designing, engineering, building, shipping, installing, and final prepping for occupancy. Another important element to consider regarding housing is how it will be connected to simple infrastructure services like water, sewer, and power. In addition there needs to be experience in setting up full commercial kitchens, laundromats, and protections services such as fire suppression.

Don’t Forget…

One item that is often forgotten concerning remote workforce housing is the recreational element. Just as personal homes contain certain elements of entertainment such as theater rooms, exercise areas, and basketball courts, we try to make our facilities recreationally satisfying as well. Options we have included for some clients would include internet cafés, libraries, movie rooms, full gyms, golf simulator machines, arcades, horseshoe pits, basketball and volleyball courts, and soccer fields.

Housing is the key to success of any project. It is the first to be set up and the last item to disappear when done. The feeling of the living units sets the morale tone for the rest of the project. Yet it is often overlooked until the last minute. Let us help you find the right fit before crisis mode is reached.

You might say the biggest benefit of procuring temporary housing with us is a carefree experience. We know all about man camp housing so you don’t have to.

Lone Tree Offers Two Main Types of Workforce Accommodations…

  • Modular Housing

    This is a perfect solution for long term, large workforce camps. The modular unit is built for extreme conditions, easy to construct, and offers plenty of room.

  • Mobile Man Camp Housing

    This is the perfect solution for mobile workforce camps. Easy to move, set up, and fully self-contained. This is a great option if moving locations frequently is a must. Built to arctic standards, your men will be as comfortable as if at home.

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