• Great Hospitality, The Best Approach to Security

    At our facilities, we know our guests personally and treat each like a member of the family. Our security team greets each guest by name, allowing us the best approach to security. When something is out of place, we know it, and we fix it.

    Our security plans and your options range in complexity from door locking mechanisms to 24/7 guarded entry gates. However, our minimum standard is always our continued commitment to preventing security risk situations at our facilities. We will, at all times, enforce general safety standards and implement calculated emergency plans for our guests.

  • AlliedBarton Security Services has enjoyed working with Lone Tree over the years. Our experience with their team on a local level, as well as at their home office has been exceptional.

    Candace KleckAlliedBarton Security Services
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Our Temporary Housing Management also Provides the Following Benefits:

As an added benefit our security staff searches for building, equipment, or person-to-person abnormalities around the facility. Enjoy peace of mind, protection of property, and risk minimization with a Lone Tree housing facility.

    • Heated Arguments Between Workers
    • Situations Involving Bodily Harm / Death
    • Uninvited Intruders
    • Unauthorized Entry
    • Dangerous Animal Life
    • Use of Weapons / Firearms
    • Use of Illegal Drugs
    • Undetected Emergencies
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