Medical Hospitality Services

  • Prevention is Key For Minor to Major Accidents

    When medical hospitality services are requested, we offer multiple options. In the medical field there is a vast range of services available to the general public. Some are as complex as open heart surgery, others are as simple as treating a minor cut. In offering medical solutions for camps we are also faced with a vast array of options and different levels of treatment.

    The overall benefit of having some level of medical assistance and facility is peace of mind. You can feel secure knowing that if there were an unfortunate accident or sickness there would be capabilities to provide medical attention or quick transport to a comprehensive medical facility, clinic, or hospital. This is even more important in the event of an emergency. Having this service added to your man camp package could prevent further injury, disability, and/or death.

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Lone Tree understands in times of crisis it is too late to prepare. That is why we stand ready with trained professionals eager to assist, with skill and precision.

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Commitment to Safety

In the mining industry, having medical services onsite are usually mandatory. Other industries, however, have much discretion on the level of medical service they provide. From a client’s perspective, something to think about is the liability and similar costs that can be incurred should something happen to a guest in camp. If facilities or services that could have been provided weren’t, liability issues could arise.

What We Do

When possible we recommend at least minimum medical hospitality services which would include:

First aid kits placed strategically around the facilities that are consistently rotated to meet local regulations. We encourage our staff to participate in periodic trainings to review contents within such kits and train on how and when to use the supplies contained therein. Other optional trainings could include Emergency Medical Training, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training, and other situations like treating shock or choking events. Most importantly we always have a plan in place and coordinate on a consistent basis with local emergency services (on call). In this regard we can keep the man camp facilities as safe as possible within certain budget restraints.

A medical facility or room containing supplies, and services provided sufficient to handle minor cuts, bruises, flu, etc. and staff trained to assist in these ailments is also recommended. Also it is worth considering having minimal equipment such as an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Given the proximity of local emergency medical facilities, which will vary depending on the geographic location of the man camp, Lone Tree may recommend the camp facility be outfitted with an on-call, full time staff member designated as a first responder. Medical facilities are designed to accommodate any person, sick or injured, and supply equipment necessary to allow life support treatment during local response times. First response equipment is stored and stocked ready for use. It is rotated as necessary per statutory regulations. A supply for this facility would include first aid supplies (band aids, germicidal agents, wraps, bandages, slings) restroom, a bed, and climate controlled holding facility for patients.

Other comprehensive solutions would include medical facilities staffed 365 days per year with a nurse or similar practitioner. Onsite 24 hour medical staff could be available if needed. We offer on site ambulance services and heli-transport options for those clients who request these services.

Options Available in Our Medical Hospitality Services Packages:

Not only should you expect comfort at a Lone Tree facility, but an assurance of medical competency if something happens.

    • On Site 24 Hour Medical Staff
    • On Site Ambulance Services
    • First Aid Kits Placed Strategically Around the Facilities
    • Trainings: EMT & CPR
    • Local Emergency Services (On Call)
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