• Keep Your Facility in Perfect Order

    Our temporary modular facilities are easy to assemble and maintain, specifically because we take care of everything for you. Replacing furnace filters, changing light bulbs, refueling tanks, carpets cleaning, and washer/dryer maintenance, etc., are all done by our maintenance team, leaving your employees to enjoy their time at our facility while it is in consistent working order. Whether our clients lease or buy the facility, we are there so you don’t have to be.

  • Dependable!  Done right the first time!

    Ves CashGE Oil and Gas
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    Hospitality Services Brochure

Maintenance Benefits Our Clients Enjoy:

We transform everyday man camps into clean and organized temporary housing facilities. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your investment is in good hands.

    • Immediate Attention to Wear and Tear Items
    • Preventative Maintenance Schedule
    • Fire Suppression System Maintenance
    • Access to Maintenance Records & Facilities Reviews
    • 24 Hour Availability
    • Professional Staff
    • Safety Hazard Repairs
    • Transparent Approach to Costs
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