Food Services

  • Food Services For Any Facility

    Through our experiences providing quality food services, we have learned that nothing is quite as important to overall camp satisfaction as great tasting food. We provide your employees with nothing but the best, giving them the experience of a night out each time they enter our dining area. From fresh grilled steaks and baby back ribs to a full service salad bar, your employees will be excited to have us as their dining host.

    As part of our catering package, we offer a “Heart Smart” menu, multi-course dinner/lunch menus, and flexible serving hours. Your employee wellness is most important to us. All of Lone Tree’s menus have been reviewed and approved by a professional nutritionist. Also, depending on your needs, we are pleased to offer convenient, pre-packaged lunches available for mining camps, offshore sites, and other remote working areas.

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Does staying at the Lone Tree camp save me money?  Absolutely! I eat better and don’t have to worry about where to find my next meal. I also like the fact I don’t have to pay my own expenses until the per-diem is issued.

Jonathon McGeeCamp Guest

Incredible Food Services Benefits:

Enjoy the benefits of great tasting food wherever your next project may be. We offer a variety of different options depending on your needs but generally like to offer both a gourmet, full calorie (2,500 – 3,000 calories) menu along with a lower calorie “heart-smart” menu. See what’s on the menu for tonight.

    • Hot & Cold Food Items
    • Meal On-the-Go Options
    • Dietary Restriction Foods
    • Menus to Fit Any Budget
    • Fully Equipped Kitchens
    • Heart Smart Menu
    • Professional Chef & Staff
    • High Calorie Meals
    • Full Course Meals
    • Nutritionist Approved
    • Dish Cleanup Included
    • Variety of Foods, Beverages, & Desserts
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Quantity AND Quality

Quality is incredibly important to Lone Tree and we set the bar high. We know that excellent, high quality ingredients make for the best and most satisfying meals. When a guest or client eats at a Lone Tree facility they will come away satisfied and happy. Our goal is to always exceed expectations when it comes to food and time and again we see how successful this approach is. Guests love staying with us because they know they can get a meal that fills them up and tastes delicious.

We set strict standards for the type and level of base ingredients that we utilize in our kitchens.  Take a look at our strict quality guidelines below:

  • Meats

    • All first-line beef rated USDA “Prime” or “Choice” or better.
    • All second and third-line meat rated USDA “Good” or better.
    • We never use non-US meat (unless specifically requested/approved by client)
    • All poultry and seafood rated USDA “Grade A”.
  • Fruits and Vegetables

    • All fresh and frozen vegetables rated USDA “Grade A”.
    • All canned vegetables rated USDA “Extra Standard” or better.
    • All fresh and dried fruits, and fruit juices rated USDA “Choice” or better.
    • All frozen fruit juice rated USDA “First Quality”.
  • Dairy

    • Always fresh butter, eggs, and cheeses.
    • Fresh milk and cream when available.
    • Dairy sourced locally whenever possible.
    • Ice cream products available in all our facilities.
  • Miscellaneous

    • All other food products such as jams, flours, cereals, grain products, etc., are always the highest quality available.
    • When it comes to our food sources we never skimp or cut corners.
    • All fresh foods locally sourced whenever possible.


What’s on the menu tonight? Take a look! We provide our clients and guests with custom and delicious menus which represent the varieties and tastes preferred by the major ethnic groups being served. Our menus and meal plans are nutritionist approved and always cooked by exceptional chefs.

Lone Tree offers food services to meet the needs of any area, group, or facility. We work with our clients to put together menus that will satisfy our guests, provide an adequate number of calories and nutritional content, and fit within budgetary constraints — without sacrificing quality.

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Specialty Catering

Some clients need or want a level of flexibility, and while we are able to accommodate change requests to the menus we create, this occasionally isn’t flexible enough. For these types of clients our chefs take special requests for certain items, adding to the flexibility of our meal plans. An omelet cooked just the way you like it? Our chefs are more than willing to accommodate. We also have a vast dessert selection, for that occasional sweet tooth. Our customers love eating at Lone Tree camps.


These aren’t stock images, seriously. These are real pictures from Lone Tree facilities to give you an idea of what our kitchens, food, and dining halls look like.

The Kitchen

We don’t generally cook our amazing meals in dinky little ill-equipped kitchens (if we can help it!)… we have full-fledged commercial kitchens at our locations. Having the right tools and equipment lets us serve up all our tasty food in an efficient, safe, and sanitary environment. Just see for yourself!

The Food

Want to get an idea what the food we cook looks like? Just feast (pun-intended) your eyes on a few of the dishes we’re serving up!