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  • Keeping Your People Safe and Comfortable

    Our mission is to keep workers safe and comfortable. Most importantly we provide plenty of nutritious food to keep employees happy and content. Internal studies have shown that treating employees with great care prevents workplace tardiness and/or absences. The level of commitment we show to the health, safety, and satisfaction of your employees allows for happy, healthy workers that are ready to fulfill their job requirements at their peak performance level, saving our clients money in lost-time preventable incidences.

    We understand the importance of feeling right at home even when work necessitates being far from it. With our customizable plan and varying service options, we ensure our clients’ unique project requirements are met. We recognize that one size does not fit all for the projects our clients are involved in.

  • I appreciate your hard work, great food and excellent service 24/7!  Good Job!  Thank you!

    Marco MartinezSanjel Employee
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