Modular Construction Has Come a Long Way Over the Years

While the modular industry is starting to take the lead for preferred temporary housing models, Lone Tree has been privileged to align with some of the industries most innovative talent.  While they have become the expert in portable housing, Icon Construction’s modular buildings have made an impact on permanent placement structures as well.

Icon Construction is currently doing some amazing projects. The first one that comes to mind is the LETC (Law Enforcement Training Center) in Little Rock, Arkansas for the Veterans Association. It is a 2 Story brick permanent structure. It sits on a pit set foundation and is flush to the ground. It is equipped with an elevator and has and Iris eye scan for identification to enter the facility. The difficulty in this project is what sets Icon apart from other builders. Taking on such advanced projects is what sets Icon apart.

“Modular construction is appealing for many different reasons. Cost and speed are generally the main factors. We can run 2-3 floors through our plant a week. The ability to re-locate modular buildings is a big player. It creates the possibility of moving the structure to a new location. Oversight of the construction greatly increases. Methods of production reduce task time. The Client and architect can oversee and preview parts of the structure in the factory. This creates opportunities to resolve any conflicts subverting the large cost associated with the discovery of such conflicts in the field. Sustainability and energy efficiency play a key role in choosing to go modular.  Modular improves project sustainability and viability of LEED rating. It minimizes disruptions to adjacent building and occupants and increases cleanliness to a job site. The construction schedule reduces construction time up to 50% and the factory environment makes work condition and safety a major improvement from onsite construction.” –Grant Bingham, Icon Construction Business Development.

Modular construction has come a long way over the years. The advancements have revolutionized how people think about modular construction. “Our buildings are constructed to the IBC 2012 commercial construction code. The life span of one of our building ranges from 25-30 years. They are built like a traditional commercial stick built building, but they just happen to be built in a manufacturing plant. With that being said more people see the value in going modular versus stick built, and customers are asking more questions about the feasibility of going modular” said Grant.

Lone Tree is uniquely matched with the forward thinking modular company and looks forward to constantly improving their facilities in each geographical location they service.

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