Management Tip – Customer Feedback

The Problem:
Our entire focus at Lone Tree is developing people and satisfying our guests in camp. Over the last few months we’ve found a gap in guest satisfaction. Our management team was frustrated. Lone Tree wasn’t getting enough quality data to exceed guest satisfaction. The industry standard in measuring guest satisfaction is conducting surveys. But we were finding the information skewed, unreliable, and outdated. Surveys were found to be too closely tied to human error. Lone Tree wanted a way to gather and process real time data to make real time decisions in a way that was more natural and useful. This process would help us in providing world class service to our guests.

Our Solution:
The management team introduced a simple activity called the EOS (End of Shift) meeting. This allows for a brief download session from the employees in each department at the end of the daily shift. What we realized is that employees hear both negative and positive feedback from our guests as it happens. The format of our EOS meeting is simple. We record three (3) positive customer interactions and three (3) negative interactions. Then, as a team, we discuss the ideas/solutions for continuance/improvement of the corresponding interactions. Employees take turns conducting the sessions.

By instituting this simple activity we noticed a change. We could accentuate the positive events in our camps and remedy the negative issues, almost immediately. In the same regard, our employees could experience increased awareness, development, and training as a team. The result was a better, quicker system of feedback to better serve our guests. The bonus outcome is that it makes our employees better too. In the end we now incorporate our guiding principle, “Strive for Perfection” to improve the guest experience on a daily basis.

Final Note: Surveys still have their place in our facilities. Surveys provide measurable feedback, but unlike our EOS meetings, it takes more time to process and is less natural. However, by combining these two practices we can get a clear picture of where we can improve, thus giving our guests a world class experience.

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