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Man vs. Man Camp Food – 6 Pound Burrito Challenge

April Fools was a day to remember at Lone Tree’s Man vs. Man Camp Food Burrito Challenge.  There was no joke when it came to the size of the burrito.  Six pounds of carne asada and tortilla with all the toppings to make it a mouth-watering experience…for a giant!  These burrito’s made these men look like they were eating a small torpedo.

While many gave it a valiant effort, not one of the nine contestants were able to complete the entire challenge.  The winner, Ian Beddo of Tonatek, was able to leave behind just shy of 2 lbs. on his tray. Given only 20 minutes, many of the contestants felt confident that they would have finished had they been given another 20 minutes on the task.

Lone Tree is one of only a few man-camp providers and are leading the industry in cutting edge facilities and service.  With these events for their guests and staff, they have been able to break up the monotony of the day while increasing overall morale at a troubled time for the industry.

“I may not want to participate in this Gut Buster…but I’ll sure watch!” said one camp guest in attendance.  Part of the fun of these events is the comradery between company employees who stay at the facilities.  Many were there cheering their company participants on throughout the challenge.

Man Vs. Man Camp Food will continue through the rest of the Lone Tree facilities throughout the summer.

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