Lone Tree Remote Camps forms joint venture with Kingdom Logistics, LLC and Mossville Lodge, LLC in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles, LA (September 29, 2015) –Lone Tree USA of Springville, UT announces their joint venture (partnerships) with Kingdom Logistics, LLC and Mossville Lodge, LLC.  Lone Tree is pleased to work with the Kingdom Logistics, LLC team and Mossville Lodge, LLC team of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  They have identified the need for housing and have solicited Lone Tree’s expertise to make these projects a success.  These two entities contribute local expertise, community relationships, and land agreements to the partnership.  “Being a long time resident of Southwest Louisiana I wanted to provide a solution that preserves the community’s identity,” says John Moss.  Both entities are heavily involved in community outreach and developments. Lone Tree offers turn-key workforce housing solutions to the oil, gas, mining, and refinery industries in locations lacking housing.

According to the recent temporary housing study, it is estimated that 28,000 temporary workers will be coming to the Lake Charles area. The Kingdom Logistics and Mossville Lodge groups, have identified two sites that will be suitable to build temporary housing facilities.  Rosie’s Place will be located at the western intersection of I-10 and I-210 off Opelousas Street in Lake Charles.  The Mossville Lodge facility is located on the west side of J. Clophus Road near the intersection of Village Orphanage Road in Sulphur.  Recently, Lone Tree/Kingdom Logistics/Mossville Lodge were approved to expand these housing projects from 500 beds to 2,844 beds each.

Facilities will include the latest in sleeping accommodations, shared/private baths, laundry facilities, a 24 hour kitchen, dining hall, gym facilities, offices and meeting space.  In addition, it is likely there will be retail space added to the frontage portion of these facilities to help serve the needs of the community.  “We are excited about the opportunity to provide local jobs and improve services to the community,” says Braylon Harris.  The units are designed to blend in architecturally and aesthetically pleasing to the locale.

Design and construction operations are currently under way with completion dependent upon contract stipulations with client contractors/operators in the area.  “We feel honored to provide housing to Southwest Louisiana at this time to help alleviate the challenges that come with the shortage of comfortable housing,” says CEO Jamis O’Brien.

Engineering, construction, installation, and property management/servicing of the facilities will be handled by Lone Tree in collaboration with their local vendors/suppliers, and Calcasieu Parish.

Lone Tree/Mossville Lodge/Kingdom Logistics are committed to improving and serving the local communities in which they do business.   The needs of Southwest Louisiana are a priority for Kingdom Logistics, LLC, Mossville Lodge, LLC, and Lone Tree. The synergistic efforts of both will result in a successful partnership.  Lone Tree/Mossville Lodge/Kingdom Logistics are thrilled to accommodate those working in Southwest Louisiana in first class fashion.

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