Lone Tree Becomes A Member Of Alaskan Mining Association

Did you ever wonder where you could go to learn about the benefits of mining, mining’s economic impact in Alaska, what kinds of minerals are mined in Alaska, and how to find a job in the mining industry?  Well, look no further.  The Alaskan Mining Association serves as a clearinghouse for information and a center for expertise on these very subjects.  In fact, their mission is to advocate for and promote responsible mineral development in the state of Alaska.

The Alaska Miners Association acts as advocates to the public and policy makers on behalf of Alaska’s mineral industry. AMA also provides a wealth of institutional knowledge to assist its membership in their mining activities. AMA fights for their members to insure that restrictions on land and water use are economically realistic and provide a balance between environmental protection and resource utilization. Through their activities in communities around Alaska, AMA works hard to increase public awareness of the mineral industry and its economic implications to the State and nation.

The Association releases journals that cover everything from mine safety, to legislation, to workforce development plans.  They also keep up to date on the economic impact mining has on the state. Mining is a growing force in Alaska’s economy, providing jobs for thousands of Alaskans and millions of dollars of personal income throughout Alaska. Alaska’s mining industry includes exploration, mine development, and mineral production. Alaska’s mines produce coal, gold, lead, silver, zinc, as well as construction materials, such as sand, gravel, and rock.

All of the Alaska Native corporations have benefited from the mining industry activity by either royalty sharing payments, jobs for shareholders, or through business partnerships.

Lone Tree is proud to be a part of this association, and will continue to support the mining efforts in Alaska and worldwide.

To become a member, visit: https://alma.memberclicks.net/index.php?option=com_mc&view=formlogin&form=149225&return=L2luZGV4LnBocD9vcHRpb249Y29tX21jJnZpZXc9bWMmbWNpZD1mb3JtXzE0OTIyNT9zZXJ2SWQ9NTM3MiZvcHRpb249Y29tX21jJnZpZXc9bWMmbWNpZD1mb3JtXzE0OTIyNQ==


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