Lone Tree Attends Successful Annual Nevada Mining Convention in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, Nevada (Sept. 4-7, 2013) – Lone Tree Remote Camps, LLC (dba Lone Tree USA) attended the 2013 Nevada Mining Convention at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This annual event was hosted by the Nevada Mining Association (NVMA) and boasted over 500 attendees (Nevadamining.org).

The Mining Convention was a great opportunity for those involved in the mining industry to network and become more familiar with one another through a variety of activities and workshops. Lone Tree shared expectations for itself within the industry as well as forming many new, appreciated relations.

The experience was valuable and entertaining as the convention became a sort of retreat, hosting a golf tournament to encourage ties amongst industry professionals as well as a charity poker tournament to support the Rita Cannan Elementary School. The first day also included a Suppliers Reception in honor of the work of Nevada Mining Association members in 2013.

The second day was filled with similar contact-promoting activities, including the second round of the golf tournament, gondola rides, hiking, rock climbing, and a ride on a chair lift to view the magnificent Lake Tahoe scenery. The night was filled with networking for all those associated with the convention, allowing time for new connections to be promoted. Lone Tree made several contacts that will help our company move forward with its goal of being the leader in global modular housing.

The final day of the convention opened with a discussion panel hosted by several NVMA members and experts within the mining industry to discuss the current and future condition of the mining industry. State senators Moises Denis and James Settelmeyer joined the discussions in a legislative panel for NVMA members to discuss concerns and questions relating to the work. The convention concluded with a Safety Awards Luncheon to honor fifty-seven select and recognize their accomplishments in advocating the best safety standards in 2013.

The convention was shaped as a retreat for mining trade companies to make new connections within the industry and allow for a collaborated move forward into 2014. Lone Tree was grateful to be a part of the Nevada Mining Convention and found the retreat valuable as we continue to work in the mining industry. Many business opportunities were found, and Lone Tree made several new and valued business contacts at Lake Tahoe.

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