• Oil and Gas Expo 2014 - Featured

    Lone Tree Remote Camps, LLC attends South Texas Oil and Gas Expo, San Antonio, Texas, 2014, in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

    San Antonio, Texas, USA (July 9-10, 2014) – Lone Tree Remote Camps, LLC (dba Lone Tree USA) attends the South Texas Oil and Gas Expo.

    The expo was a large event for energy producers and service providers. The event shared the latest in industry advancements, products, and applications. The expo also included visual examples and live demonstrations of the field technologies that are currently in use. It offered opportunities for networking and brand exposure among industry professionals.

  • BIM Modeling Has Arrived at Lone Tree

    Lone Tree has recently begun using BIM or Building Information Modeling in our construction department. BIM is the process of using computer software to create 3d models that aid in the design/construction of dorm, kitchen, dining, recreation, or office buildings. Although BIM may still be considered in its early stages of development, many contractors and […]

  • “Man Camps” Are On The Rise

    Temporary villages known as “man camps” are rising from the North Dakota prairie. They house the hordes of workers who are flocking there for a modern-day rush for black gold.

  • 10 Man Housing Unit For Sale

    Housing Units for Sale!

    2 Skid Units available in good condition! Built in 2010 and 2011 by ACSI. Stamped by engineering. Tagged and certified for North Dakota. Details: 1100 Square feet per unit 5 Bedrooms (bunk beds – 10 beds per unit) Community style bathroom Laundry room Kitchen Family room Fully furnished Front and rear exits Easy to hook […]

  • Pecos Base Camp (Pecos Lodge)

    Lone Tree Remote Camps, LLC assumes management of 153 bed facility in Pecos, TX

    Pecos, TX (February 13, 2014) – Lone Tree Remote Camps, LLC assumes management of a 153 bed facility in Pecos, TX.     This facility was opened in January 2013 and previously managed by Goliath Industries.   Lone Tree assumed management February 13, 2014. This is an open facility currently accepting reservations.   This dorm style modular facility includes […]