• Digital Gold Rush Is Here!

    In what seems to be a somewhat lackluster gold environment, one company has found a way to pump some life back into the industry with a genius plan to get the community involved in finding gold. When Integra completed the acquisition of the Sigma/Lamaque Mine and Mill complex immediately adjacent to its Lamaque South project […]

  • Despite Current Downturn…Oil Exploration In The US Arctic Continues

    Alaska has seen a steady decline in crude oil production since 1991, and it’s expected to continue the downward trend through 2040.  Nearly 75% of all production comes from Prudhoe Bay and Kuparuk River fields in the central North Slope. The variable climate and limited time without ice coverage has made for a challenging environment […]

  • Fairbanks To Honor Gold Rush History

    The sunshine brings activities and festivals to many mining communities during the summer months, and we wanted to highlight a few to mark on your calendar.  For an authentic Alaskan celebration, head to Fairbanks in the third week of July. That’s when residents cut loose in honor of their Gold Rush history, during a five-day […]

  • EPA Findings Show Positive Findings For Fracking Industry

    Five years ago there was a congressional request for the EPA to look into potential concerns regarding hydraulic fracturing and the effect on drinking water supplies.  This week, the long awaited findings came in with a highly favorable result for the fracking industry. While there have been some cases of contamination, the issue is not […]

  • Eat A Doughnut Today…It’s An Order!

      It’s the first Friday of June, which means it’s my Favorite National Holiday of the month! National Doughnut Day honors the Salvation Army “Lassies” of WWI. It is also used as a fund raiser for needy causes of the Salvation Army. The original Salvation Army Doughnut was first served by Salvation Army in 1917. […]

  • What Did You Have For Dinner?

    If you live in the United States, it’s pretty likely that a mine like this one in Moab, Utah, helped get it on your plate.  This mine produces muriate of potash, a potassium-containing salt used commonly by farmers in fertilizer. Most potash forms in regions where inland seas or lakes dry out.  Evaporated water leaves […]