• Lake Charles Louisiana Workforce Housing

    Lone Tree Remote Camps forms joint venture with Kingdom Logistics, LLC and Mossville Lodge, LLC in Lake Charles, Louisiana

    Lake Charles, LA (September 29, 2015) –Lone Tree USA of Springville, UT announces their joint venture (partnerships) with Kingdom Logistics, LLC and Mossville Lodge, LLC.  Lone Tree is pleased to work with the Kingdom Logistics, LLC team and Mossville Lodge, LLC team of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  They have identified the need for housing and have […]

  • We’ve Revamped our Locations (now “Projects”) Page!

    This week we’ve updated and revamped our locations, now titled “Projects”, page in order to give you a better view of what we’ve got going on! You can now clearly and easily see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going. You can also now find out a bit more information about […]

  • Winning With Tier Meetings

    While many have asked us what makes our employee/supervisor relationships so uniquely successful, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce our secret sauce…the Tier Meeting. This weekly meeting is an opportunity to evaluate an individual on their leadership work and team member work, while the leader shares their vision and strategy to […]

  • Cutting Jobs Might Not Be The Answer

    The challenge of finding and retaining skilled and experienced workers in the Oil & Gas industry remains high, regardless of the up and down wave the industry continues to ride. By the mid-1980’s, when the Oil price slumped to below $10 a barre, the industry reacted by delaying or dropping projects, and cutting exploration/capital spending […]