Eating To Increase Productivity

According to the Mayo Clinic, a healthy diet can not only help you control your weight and lower your cholesterol, but it can also improve your concentration, alertness, and problem-solving skills. Here at Lone Tree, we see food as a vehicle to increase workers productivity. The choices they are given directly relate to the choices they make.  With well-balanced meals that contain only the freshest ingredients of the season, Lone Tree meals are calculated for optimizing levels of physical and mental output.

A productive workday begins before you leave camp, with a nutritious wake-up meal. You need to start your day with your body fueled, but it’s important that you use the right kind of fuel to ensure better concentration and a steady energy level throughout the morning. Don’t fall back on a grab-and-go donut, which will hurt more than help. Instead, stick with the following food groups:

Fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce is best, but you can also try frozen. You can also have fruit and vegetable juice or smoothies without added sugar–make sure that the label says 100 percent juice.

Whole grains. These can be found in certain hot or cold cereals, crackers, rolls, or bagels. You can also try low-fat bran muffins or Melba toast.

Low-fat protein. Good examples for breakfast include hardboiled eggs, peanut butter, and lean meat.

Low-fat dairy. Try skim milk, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat cheese.

These foods are always readily available to our guests.  With variety for each taste, Lone Tree is the leader in providing nutritious, cook –to-order options all day long.  But they don’t stop there. Skipping a meal is a serious detriment to overall health and energy levels throughout your day.

To avoid the temptations of skipping meals, hitting the vending machine, or joining co-workers for unhealthy fast food, pack your lunch with Lone Tree’s easy prepared meals to ensure that you have the types of food you need. Sandwiches on whole grain breads, pitas, or wraps are a good choice, with lean fillings like tuna, sliced eggs, or lean meats like turkey or chicken. Bring small containers of chopped veggies, almonds, granola bars, bananas, and apples for additional snacks during the day to keep your brain and body humming….it’s all included in Lone Tree’s meal plan!

Come back to camp to relax and enjoy a hot meal prepared to order. Our selections each evening have the variety our guests demand, and the quality our bodies deserve.  Lone Tree makes nutrition easy, and eliminates poor diet habits that have negative side effects on job performance and physical well-being.




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