Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

By Heather Reid | Lone Tree USA

Maybe you haven’t heard…but Lone Tree is set to celebrate 50 unique celebrations this year! We recently sat down with Joe Barnard to ask him his thoughts on why he felt this was so important for our company.

“When I started at Lone Tree, Jamis O’Brien (Lone Tree USA, CEO) told me that the most important job would be to focus on our company culture.  Our culture is fun, caring, hardworking, forgiving, and we love our employees like family.  As I looked around, I realized that we were missing some focused attention on the “fun”, and “family-feel” part of the culture.  I rewrote our job descriptions to capture this idea of fun, and to attract the right employees.  I knew customers responded to upbeat, happy, and positive interactions…so I wanted to find those kind of people.  I wanted to express the idea that we weren’t a typical company, and had the expectation that an employee will contribute more than just a checklist of duties.  As I recently visited Disney World, I noticed how much everyone smiled as a spontaneous parade (planned well in advance) erupted on Main Street.  I thought to myself, ‘We don’t celebrate enough’.

Dale Carnegie wrote, “Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by mental attitude.”  We made a conscience choice to do a little more in the way of happy celebrations.  I don’t mean to be Pollyannaish, but my experience with my own family has shown me two things:  when we choose to celebrate and have fun while we are working, our relationships expand, and our fondness grows deeper.  I believe the same about our Lone Tree family.  Thus, we decided as an HR team to spontaneously celebrate (planned well in advance) random events to grow together.  We celebrate serious things like President’s Day and Labor Day…but we also celebrate the silly things like Backwards Name Day and National Chips and Dip Day.  We laughed as the emails poured in to Eoj (Joe backwards) and to Eelrak (Karlee).  It was free, it was fun, and our people had a good time thinking about it as they worked.  I believe workers, particularly Millennials, look for more than paychecks and 401K plans.  They want to be engaged, they want to take a selfie and brag about how cool their workplace is…and they want to reflect on experiences with others.  Our celebrations are simply a way to meet those needs.  We really love our people and want them to love working at Lone Tree.”

Here are some fun celebrations to look forward to in the coming month:

  1. February 28 – National Tooth Fairy Day
  2. March 5 – Employee Appreciation Day
  3. March 1 – Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
  4. March 14 – International ask questions day
  5. March 17 – St Patrick’s Day
  6. March 23 – National Chip and Dip day


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