• First Nations Being Trained for Mining Jobs in BC, Canada

    The BC AMTA (British Columbia Aboriginal Mine Training Association) was founded to help address a looming labor shortage in the mining industry. First Nations communities are often located near mine sites, and this win-win arrangement also helps these communities develop economic health. “Focusing on the people and partnerships makes us successful,” said Michelle Nahanee, marketing […]

  • Modular Construction Has Come a Long Way Over the Years

    While the modular industry is starting to take the lead for preferred temporary housing models, Lone Tree has been privileged to align with some of the industries most innovative talent.  While they have become the expert in portable housing, Icon Construction’s modular buildings have made an impact on permanent placement structures as well. Icon Construction […]

  • Man vs Man Camp Food

    Man vs. Man Camp Food – 6 Pound Burrito Challenge

    April Fools was a day to remember at Lone Tree’s Man vs. Man Camp Food Burrito Challenge.  There was no joke when it came to the size of the burrito.  Six pounds of carne asada and tortilla with all the toppings to make it a mouth-watering experience…for a giant!  These burrito’s made these men look […]

  • Canada’s Golden Triangle

    I’ve found it interesting that in the mining industry, large-sized deposits are often referred to as elephants.  Like the animal, these deposits aren’t all that common.  But also like the animal, they can still be found. As elephants usually are found in herds, miners tend to gravitate towards areas that gold has already been found.  And […]

  • Whittier Alaska – Historical Military Man Camp

    To reach Whittier, you’ll have to drive through North America’s longest vehicle tunnel, the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel.  This 2.5 mile tunnel is actually shared by the railroad, so you have to plan the trip just right to get through during the 30 minute intervals its open to vehicle traffic.  The World War II-era train […]

  • Hospitality Trends for the Millennial Guest

    By Heather Reid | Lone Tree USA – You’ve probably heard the term Millennial, and if you haven’t…you might want to pay attention to our newest members of the workforce.  The term that defines anyone born between 1980 and 2000 is not merely a catchy name.  As of 2012, it is estimated that there are […]