Facility Maintenance Hand

  • Summary


    To help our guests feel comfortable, happy and at home.

    How you accomplish this mission:

    Providing a world class experience for our guests and clients. If we see something that needs cleaning we clean it. If we see something that needs to be done we do it. If we see someone that needs help we help them. We love what we do and our guests can tell.

    This job description is a guideline to routine work assignments. We anticipate you will frequently go above and beyond this expectation to impress our guests, your supervisor and fellow employees.

  • Title: Facility Maintenance Hand

    Location: Any

    Reports to: Maintenance Supervisor

    Base Pay: Hourly + Benefits (health, 401k, travel)

    Employee Type: Hourly – Non-Exempt

    Required Travel: Occasional

    Schedule: 4 Wk On / 2 Wk Off


You will be constantly on your feet running around to make our guests happy. You are a Safety Solider and are always vigilant especially around chemicals and equipment with which you will interact regularly. You may be both inside and out as you are constantly searching for ways to improve the campus. This position may experience extremes in weather. Eat your Wheaties because you may need to lift up to 60 pounds.

Daily Responsibilities

Our Goal: Remember Grandpa’s house where he fixed everything before it broke and everything worked liked it was supposed to? That is our guest’s expectation and our most important goal. Our guests will think you are a psychic and will want a reading because you see and fix things before there ever is a problem.

How we meet this goal:

  • You are a mix of McGeyver and Bob Villa. You have a general knowledge of electrical, plumbing mechanics and construction. You are always inspecting and anticipating possible problems.
  • Like a good neighbor maintenance is there. You are constantly checking with the other departments to find out if they are seeing any issues. You get there fast when they need you.
  • You follow all safety guidelines, codes and regulations like they were steps for petting a shark. You do it the right way always.
  • Maintenance works like a NASCAR pit stop for Junior. Housekeeping calls in maintenance issue ASAP and the crew gets it turned around before our guest knew it was an issue.
  • Our team takes pride in the grounds around the campus. We can’t pass a piece of trash and not pick it up. It maybe be the middle of nowhere but it is our middle of nowhere.
  • You keep impeccable records. You write down everything you are doing and check it off like a grocery list from your spouse
  • You are as dependable as 5’oclock traffic and meet every deadline assigned to you.
  • Your driver’s license is so valid that it can get you into top secret areas. Ok, you just need a valid driver’s license but it would be cool if it did.
  • We are always safe and always wear our safety equipment. We save gambling for Vegas.
  • We go the extra mile. Your supervisor will regularly ask you to do more than asked above.

Qualification Requirements

The list below represent the skills and characteristics that best fit our team and will allow you to be super successful.


  • Happy and Fun
  • Reliable, Professional and Committed
  • Past experience being awesome in all you do especially work
  • Ethical, Honest and Caring
  • A Winner and a Server
  • Teachable, Team Player and Capable
  • Must be eligible to work in the United States.

Other Skills & Abilities:

  • The ability to obtain licenses and certifications required
  • Super powers
  • Mind reading
  • Bring your best skills and we will put them to work


You will be amazed at how fast your schedule flies by. You will stay on-site for four weeks at a time. You will have up to 12 hours a day, seven days per week to make our campus look awesome. Following your four week tour you will enjoy two weeks off to do whatever the heck you feel like, as long as it is legal of course. Just like mom’s house we will provide you a clean room and 3 tasty meals each day. Our amenities are your amenities. Enjoy everything our facility has to offer while you are with us.

Company Overview

LoneTree is a growing, fun and hardworking company. We started in 2005 with a camp in the mountains of Utah and gained a reputation as experts in customer service. That mission, 100% customer satisfaction, is an essential expectation from each of our employees every day. We strongly believe in trust and accountability. We believe in empowering our employees. LoneTree aims to become the industry leader in temporary housing solutions, or “man camps.” Philanthropy and giving back are essential characteristics of our culture. We partner with safe, professional, honest, capable and committed employees to deliver a world class experience to our customer.

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