• Lone Tree Cares

    Lone Tree is proud to give back to the communities in which we do business. Keeping the funds and donations local is a priority to us. This addresses immediate needs more quickly without funneling funds through layers of bureaucracy. We feel it is our responsibility to help others who may be less fortunate.

    Why We Do It

    Our people serve without being asked and express the ‘feel good’ feelings they have to be part of an organization where service is not just a kind act, but a way of life. Additionally it helps us stay connected with the important needs of the communities in which we reside.

    “Thank you so much for supporting our cause. We can’t tell you what it means to the local women of South Texas. This donation will make a BIG difference. What a thoughtful gesture. We truly appreciate it.”

    Maria Winter Gardens Women’s Shelter of South Texas

Who We Serve

In some cases we offer donations or funding to local charities. However, in most cases we give of our time, energy, and expertise. It is rewarding to see our employees give of their time and talents to benefit an entire community. In this way we are able to help communities to further their goals while becoming integrated members in the local communities. It is also an opportunity to show the communities what we do and how we do it. Often, communities know very little about man camps. We appreciate showing them we are upstanding institutions that provide value to their communities through local employment and tax revenues. In turn they consider us contributing members in their area and trust that we have their best interests in mind.

Most the communities we serve in are small and appreciate the boost in help. Those that are close to the oil fields have felt growing pains of providing more services, but with limited resources. We seek out opportunities to help these entities first. Especially those entities that protect life, support growth and development, and help others that are in need. Most often these are fire and police departments, schools, and entities that support the abused or homeless.

Some of the organizations to which we’ve contributed time, energy, or resources:

    • American Veterans Association
    • Bainville Fire Department
    • Bainville School District
    • Winter Gardens Women’s Shelter of South Texas
    • Elko County Sheriff’s office
    • Elko School District
    • Owyhee Senior Center
    • Catholic Homeless Shelter in SLC, UT
    • Utah Foster Care Foundation
    • Deseret Meat Packing
    • Eureka County Boys and Girls Club
    • Crystal Oaks Nursing Home (Missouri)
    • Bainville, MT Cancer Benefit
    • Job Fair Support for Fort Peck Tribes
    • Eureka County Juvenile Probation Center
    • Asherton, TX Elementary School
  • If you have a cause or event we could benefit in one of the areas in which we operate, please contact us today. We will send the information to the local workforce housing facility in your area.

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