Health, Safety, & Environment


  • Health

    We put people first because we care. We desire only to treat our clients and their employees -as well as our own employees- with the utmost care, committing ourselves to their overall health and wellness. We understand that many companies practice these same ideals, and we hope to enhance their efforts with our own. It is beneficial for everyone when employees feel their best, making for a positive working environment where personnel can truly enjoy their work.

    • Chemical Containment (and MSDS sheets for each)
    • Dust Suppression Measures
    • Filtered Air
    • Well Maintained Facilities
    • OSHA Standards for Sanitization
    • Barricade Devices for Danger Areas
    • Protective Equipment
    • Our clients value our approach to health in the workplace. We take every precautionary measure we can to promote a safe and healthy environment. We understand how useful it is to promote health in every aspect of life.

    • I am so impressed with the attention to personnel safety on the Pine Valley Lodge project. You can feel that the motto of “Everyone going home safe and healthy every day”, isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s way of life.

      Josh RigbyLone Tree Employee
  • Safety

    We practice safety first at Lone Tree. It is not a suggestion; it is a requirement. When safety is promoted, our clients benefit from less injury and lost-time incidences. Training is our biggest ally in promoting safety at a Lone Tree facility. Here are just a few of the safety features we emphasize:

      • Security Logs at Entry Checkpoints
      • Third Party Consultants
      • Frequent Fire Safety Drills
      • Emergency Response Plan
      • Hazard Reporting Procedures
      • Maintenance Logs
      • Close Relationships with Emergency Response Agencies
      • Safety Programs: Safety Soldier Award
      • MSHA Standards
      • OSHA Standards
      • Serv Safe Standards
      • Evacuation Plans
      • PPE Equipment
      • Ample Lighting
      • Lone Tree Official Safety Plan (Available Upon Request)
      • Zero Tolerance Policies: Physical Abuse, Firearms, Illegal Drugs

    Together we can strive for zero lost-time incidents by committing to safety in the work place and at home. Lone Tree is dedicated to this goal. We all win when safety is the highest priority.



  • Environment

    Ever mindful of our impact on the surrounding environment, we strive to reduce the footprint of our temporary housing facilities. We have a reputation for minimal impact on the environment. We follow the mantra of:

    • Recycle
    • Reuse
    • Restore

    Our actions speak louder than our words in this regard. Where possible we do things like recycle kitchen oil, plant eco-friendly vegetation, and coordinate water usage with local conservancy districts.

    This benefits our clients by demonstrating to the local community Lone Tree and affiliates are responsible citizens of the local communities in which we work.

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