About Lone Tree

Our History

Lone Tree CampsLone Tree’s central driving purpose is to create an environment where workers feel at home, because at the end of a long work day, we believe that’s what your employees want.

Lone Tree began as an accommodation service for hunting groups in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. After a short time, we were fortunate enough to house a small group of energy company executives. They noted our exceptional service and accommodations.  Soon they sought us out with an interest in having Lone Tree provide food and housing options for energy exploration crews in isolated locations. This is how Lone Tree got its first break into the man camp industry.

Our first work camp was created in 2005 for a thirty-man seismic exploration team in the Utah Mountains. The group stayed in large tents heated with wood-burning stoves. However, it became apparent with the onset of winter, that other housing options were needed in our product line up. Lone Tree quickly began utilizing modular housing, and the company has continued to grow since.

Starting from such modest background, we feel that our values and arrangements are more personalized. We provide only the level of service we ourselves would feel comfortable receiving. The level of service provided to the group of execs in the rugged mountains of Utah continues to be a hallmark today that sets Lone Tree apart from its competitors.


Our Values

We pride ourselves in finding and developing the highest caliber of people.  Our people truly make the difference. As you become more familiar with our company, you will see how the principles, systems, and tools we have put in place empower our people to become the best all-around individuals they can be. We encourage safe, efficient, and quality work in every part of the business.

Our employees become members of the community by providing philanthropy and volunteer work to grow bonds between camps and communities.  This is usually done on their own accord.

Lone Tree works hard to become the leader in temporary housing solutions and man camps. We are experts in modular housing, mobile housing, and hospitality services. No project is too big, or too small; we provide personalized attention in every detail.  In fact, we try to help you whether you’re a client or not.   Our goal is to be viewed as an expert partner in operating man camps.

We try to keep our employees engaged and having a good time.  Some of the programs within our company are:

  • Team Building Activities

    Team Activities

  • Safety Soldier Award

    Safety Soldier

  • Employee of the Month

    Employee of the Month

What Makes Us Different

 “You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.”

We are transparent in everything we do. We want you to see what we are doing and how we are doing it so you can gain value from what we’ve learned. We also realize that we can only improve if others know where we are at. So if there is something you don’t understand about our company, industry, or methods, ask us. We’ll tell you. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Our goal is to learn and grow.

Our business model is also different from others in the industry. We maintain a lean team, choose our clients carefully, and operate high quality,  classy, contract camps for companies who care about their employees. That way we can give you the best value for your money.

Mainly, what makes us different is our people, or our relationships. Companies only get better when they take care of their people first. We firmly believe in the mantra, “You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.” That is evidenced in everything we do from the bidding, contracting, designing, engineering, constructing, installing, and service stages of our business. Even if you don’t do business with us, our goal is still to add value to you so you experience success as well.

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