10 Tips to Operating a Successful Temporary Housing Facility

  1. 1. Convenient physical location of the camp for both the client and staff.
  2. 2. High grade amenities such as pillow top mattresses, flat screen TV’s, and uninterrupted internet access.
  3. 3. Facility planning:
    1. a. Climate rated construction materials
    2. b. Proper draining systems
    3. c. Efficient facility set up
    4. d. High grade appliance and temperature control mechanical units
    5. e. Key vendor relations
  4. 4. Quality staff:
    1. a. Local talent (where possible)
    2. b. Customer service experience
    3. c. Expertly trained
  5. 5. Outstanding Camp Managers
  6. 6. Business communications
    1. a. Morning Operational Meetings (MOM) between management and staff to discuss needs for the day.
    2. b. Daily communication with our clients to report camp happenings (Daily Reports).
  7. 7. Delicious and plentiful Food options-serve only the best!
  8. 8. Realistic budgets set and managed.
  9. 9. Safety trainings, postings, and discussions every day.
  10. 10. Secure environment to prevent dangerous situations from entering or occurring on camp premises.
    1. a. No alcohol, drugs, or firearms.

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