Man Camp and Remote Workforce Housing

Well designed remote workforce housing will significantly increase the productivity of your employees. Many companies have turned to Lone Tree USA for the development and installation of these “man camps”. We have years of experience creating environments in which workers feel close to home. We believe this is integral to the success of any remote operation and have focused our business around creating the best temporary communities available in the industry.

We strive to maintain the highest level of man camp services and stand out from the competition with our level of service and quality. Lone Tree builds remote workforce housing that will enable your employees to have a balance of work and relaxation. We refuse to cut corners and have experienced many times that morale in the facility is directly correlated to its success. Lone Tree’s central purpose is to create an environment where our guests feel at home, because at the end of a long work day, that’s what your employees want most.

Our first man camp was created in 2005 for a thirty-man seismic exploration team in the Utah Mountains. Using large tents and wood burning stoves with the onset of winter we kept the crew comfortable and warm. After this experience Lone Tree quickly began utilizing modular housing, and the company has continued to grow since. Starting from this modest background, we know that our values and products are more personalized. We set the bar high and provide only the level of service we ourselves would feel comfortable receiving.

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    Lone Tree will create a custom bid and action plan to accomplish your goals and meet the unique needs of any project.

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    Lone Tree approaches every man camp, mobile housing project, and service request with professional passion.